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The Kangaroo Martini: Not for Your Average Marsupial

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Perhaps more important than whether you put gin or vodka in your martini is whether you make yours dry or wet. About a 1/4 of an ounce of vermouth means “dry,” but aficionados go to great lengths to get the driest drink possible. Winston Churchill is rumored to have made his martinis by pouring gin in a pitcher, then glancing at a bottle of vermouth from across a room. I like to put a drop of vermouth in a chilled glass, swirl, and then discard. Again, I am no purist.

Kangaroo Martini 
Makes two

4 ounces vodka
0–1 ounce vermouth
Twist of lemon or pimento-stuffed olive

  1. Chill cocktail glass by putting in freezer or by filling with ice and water.
  2. Fill martini shaker with ice, pour in vodka and desired amount of vermouth. Shake for 15 seconds; or stir, if you believe shaking “bruises” the alcohol.
  3. Pour into chilled glasses and garnish with olive or lemon twist.
  4. Repeat. When you run out of vodka, switch to gin. 


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