Keeping Your Email Under Control

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Email can be very over whelming and unless you stay on top of it before you know it, you have 1000 emails in your inbox! To try and stay on top of your email, I have a few suggestions.

I like to use a couple of email addresses to help me eliminate the number of emails I receive at one time. I use one for my business, one for purchasing items on the Internet and another for personal use for friends, family, school, church and sports. My purchase emails tends to get most of the junk emails, so I check that email a couple of times a week. I use it to sign up for up coming sales, newsletters, and any information that I don’t need to access everyday.

For my personal email, I like to keep what needs to be done this week, needs a response with in the day or any invitations in my inbox until it is completed. All of my other emails I put into folders. For instance, I have a school folder that I keep a school calendar and up coming events at school. I keep sub folders under the school folder for each child. In their sub folder I keep their current sports/extra curricular activity schedule, things that pertain to that particular child from school and Sunday school information. I have a pending file for things that I am waiting on, such as discrepancy on a bill that I am waiting for a resolution or anything else that does not need an immediate response. I also like to keep a reading folder for any articles that I find on the internet that I want to read but don’t have the time to read right now, I send a link by email to myself and then put the article in my folder to read for later.

Here are just a couple of ideas to help you get started categorizing and organizing your emails into folders so that when you open your inbox, you are not staring at 1000 emails. One more idea you may want to implement is having your deleted emails delete permanently when you close your email to help keep your email running faster, if you frequently delete things accidentally, then this option is probably not for you.



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