For the Love of Weddings

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I was not one of those girls that dreamed about her wedding day since she was little. The thought came across my mind from time to time, but I definitely did not have details all planned out. Before Kevin and I got engaged, I probably attended two weddings. 

The day I after we got engaged I ran out to buy a “wedding binder,” and from that moment on I have been wedding obsessed.  A year after our wedding, I am still checking wedding blogs and sites to keep up on the latest trends (of course I still watch Platinum Weddings!). Call me a wedding junkie, or whatever you will, but I just can not seem to let go. 

One thing that I find useful in searching wedding sites, is the ideas that I can use for everyday entertaining. They feature great table settings, and centerpieces that you can use for any dinner party. You can also find great color pallets to use in decorating your home.

One of the best ideas that I found was the idea of the “picture canvas.” Instead of framing your wedding photos, why not apply them to a canvas? I asked my photographer Richard Jopson, to create this for us, and the result is magical—it looks like a work of art!  

I do not know if I will ever “move on” from wedding planning, as for now I am hooked. 



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