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Low Cost Mini-Makeovers for Your Home

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The upside of our ever-evolving economic saga is that we are re-learning the importance of a comfy home. In a country chock full of things to do and see, I think some of us forgot how nice it is to spend time at home with family and friends or to wile away a pleasant afternoon alone. You might be noticing some spots in your home that you would like to improve, but a costly makeover is not in the cards right now. So I developed some super easy low-budget/high-impact projects that will give you a sense of pride and contentment and can be completed in just one day! So check out the suggestions and take a look around. Does a mini-makeover fit into your plans?

First of all, we all know that painting is like waving a magic wand and there are few things that will give you as much bang for your buck. So if any room in your house is tired-looking, scuffed, or lacking appeal, consider a painting project this weekend. It will perk the room and your attitude right up! I highly recommend Benjamin Moore Aura low-VOC paint. It’s eco-friendly, does not smell up your house, and dries in an hour. And don’t fret about the higher cost per gallon because most colors only take one coat.

Room by Room Tips


  • Install a new ceiling fixture, preferably one that hangs down a bit to make the area feel special.
  • Choose a new rug that has some personality and fills the space.
  • Hang some treasured family photos in matching frames.

Living Room

  • Toss some new pillows on the sofa. It’s a great way to infuse the latest color trends.
  • Add a plant or some flowers to the room. It sounds obvious, but living things add life to a room.
  • Install drapery panels at the end of the windows. Simple, stationery panels frame your windows at a reasonable price.

Dining Room

  • If your chairs have slip-seats, consider reupholstering. All you need is a stable gun and your new favorite print.
  • Use produce as a centerpiece. A jar or bowl filled with pomegranates, lemons, or baby pumpkins will make you smile.
  • If the table is usually bare, then add a tablecloth. If you always have it covered, then sport some snazzy place mats.


  • Change the knobs and don’t be wimpy. Choose something fun, colorful, or classic.
  • Add some spice with a striking accent color in the form of a new rug, towels, and oven mitts.
  • Add under-counter lighting. It’s useful when you are working and looks lovely in the evening.


  • Rotate artwork from other parts of the house or purchase some beautiful prints from Etsy and use ready-made frames.
  • Replace your comforter with a simple white or ivory coverlet and be bold with the shams.
  • Buy a colorful blanket and lay it across the foot of your bed.

I am sure these quick tips will give your space the lift you are looking for without taking a bite out of your budget!


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