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May the Food Force Be With You: Star Wars-Inspired Dishes

  • Bento Box

    This bento box doesn’t look particularly appetizing, mostly because of the Jawa’s unappealing Tofurky hood. But it is one of the most creative bento boxes I’ve ever seen. The purple cabbage sky adds a nice touch, especially against the hummus desert. 

  • He’s No Guac to Me Dead

    According to the artist, Robert Saccenti, it took fifty avocados (and a ton of cilantro, garlic, and lime juice) to create the thick dip that encased Guac Solo. “He’s No Guac to Me Dead” earned a runner-up prize in Los Angeles’s Guac Bowl 2009.

  • Cheddar R2-D2

    This was on a table backstage at a _Star Wars: In Concert_ show in Oklahoma. The nearby punch bowl presided over by Yoda looked cool, but the cheesy deliciousness of R2-D2 was the clear catering winner.

  • Williams Sonoma

    Star Wars Cookies

    Williams-Sonoma channeled the Force™ to design cookie cutters sure to win over any Star Wars fan with a sweet tooth. I bet sugar cookies taste even better when they’re shaped like storm troopers.

  • The Watermelon Death Star

    This might be the geekiest thing to hit barbecues since someone came up with a recipe for Romulan Ale. It seems a shame to cut up and feast on something so intricately designed. Then again, since it’s a symbol of a true evil, what choice do we have but to destroy it?

  • Star Wars Cupcakes

    All of these are pretty adorable, but Yoda looking smugly to the side and C-3PO looking surprised take the cake (ha!) in terms of cuteness.

  • Get Your Five-a-Day the Star Wars Way

    An artist from Japan named Oki made _Star Wars_-themed veggie carvings especially for the Web site This one’s my favorite because of the dead-serious expression on his face. Who knew carrots could looks so menacing?

  • Williams-Sonoma

    Star Wars Pancakes

    If you can’t fathom breakfast without Yoda and company, check out these steel pancake molds. Thanks to Williams-Sonoma, becoming a “Jedi Kitchen Master” is but a shopping trip away.

  • Jabba the Hutt Birthday Cake

    Nothing says “Happy Birthday!” like Jabba’s beady eyes staring at you above his many fat folds. He does look awfully cuddly in cake form, though; it almost makes you forget about all that enslaving and attempted murder business.

  • Darth Vader Toast

    Williams-Sonoma has Star Wars brunch covered, but will get you through the weekday “Oh #$%@, I have five minutes to get to work” breakfast with this toaster. Add jam to bring a little sweetness to Darth Vader’s tough exterior.

  • Yoda Pizza

    Not only does this pizza depict Yoda pretty accurately using nothing but ruffage, but said ruffage is also chock-full of the vitamins and antioxidants we need to stay strong against the Dark Side. Jedi Masters we’ll never be unless our veggies we eat. Or something like that …

  • Star Wars Cake

    Who knew ol’ Darth was such a softie underneath that big, bad helmet? You wouldn’t know it by the way he mercilessly cut off his own son’s hand, but deep down, he really does love kids. According to this cake, anyway. 


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