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Menu Organizer Helps

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Do you eat take-out frequently? Join the crowd if you feel you are collecting menus these days. Organize this mound of prepared food delight and make it easier to find what you are looking for. I cheated and found a three-ring binder made by a company for organizing take-out menus. You can make one yourself pretty simply. Inside, you need tabbed pocket folders for each type of cuisine you seem to haunt. I’ve labeled mine Pizza, Sandwiches, American, Mexican, Barbeque, Chinese, and Italian.

All of your menus will go in each of these folders. In the front of the book a pad and ink pen stands ready to write down the order you phone in. Make sure that you can write or print TAKE-OUT MENUS on the spine of the binder so it will be easy to find. A take-out binder is not a very complicated idea and could be put together easily. We graduated from a ziplock bag. The systemization helped us organize our menus and was long overdue.


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