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Mid Century Color – or Why ’50s TV Was Black and White

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I can hear Pam screaming in argument, but I really think one of the issues with incorporating TRUE 1950s decorating styles into our lives today, is that the colors were so bright. In their defense, I don’t even think these two rooms are really that bad. The bottom one is supposed to be a little girl’s room and the top one is definitely cheerful.

I do think this amazing leap in color is one of the biggest hurdles in getting everyone to be a ’50s houselover. They look amazing on TV because Rob and Laura’s house interior was in black and white! Have you seen the episode where they go back and see the Petrie house in full color! Trust me, you’d be amazed!

I love almost all the concepts of ’50s decorating except for colors—and I think that’s just hard to deal with—I think for today’s market they have to be toned down. Or in the case of mid-century modern, the furniture is sleeker and simpler so can handle the color. Now, compare it with the HGTV dream home right now—with its one punch of color and the rest neutral.



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