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Mint Blackberry Charbroiled Lamb Chops

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Depending on the size of your family gathering on Easter Sunday, this dictates the number of chops to buy, and not everyone likes lamb … those cute, little furry creatures. Some may get a reprieve this day … but anyway, back to the subject of the matter. They sure are tasty and delectable, if you made sure you instructed your butcher to trim the chops good and lean, for that fat is bitter and rancid tasting. So charbroiling lamb is my way of cooking ‘em, lettin’ all that excess fat drip away.


Two dozen 12 ounce Lamb Chops (good & lean)

2 pints fresh blackberries

2 tablespoons minced fresh mint leaves

1 cup blackberry brandy

1 cup red wine

1/2 cup sugar

4 ounces butter

1 medium saucepan


1. Have your open pit flame roaring and lamb chops prepped ready for charbroiling. I cook my chops medium … I like a little pink in the center.

2. Meantime, in a saucepan, combine fresh blackberries, fresh mint leaves, brandy, red wine, sugar and butter, bringing it to a boil. Then reduce heat to a medium flame and simmer blackberry mint reduction for 30 minutes, then turn off and set aside.

3. Once your lamb chops are cooked and ready to serve, top ‘em with the blackberry mint reduction … Oh, your taste buds never had it so good!


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