My Favorite Meal

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My favorite meal, served with fresh baked hot yeast rolls,

Is a twenty-four ounce rib eye steak, medium-rare.

A big baked potato, stuffed with butter, sour cream and cheddar cheese …

Topped bacon bits and diced green onions.

A side order of saute’ summer squash

And zucchini mixed with button mushrooms,

Sliced Portobellos, red and green onions,

Bell peppers and Roma tomatoes, sautéed

In garlic butter, splashed with white wine

and a heavy dash of Creole’ seasoning.

Also, an iceberg lettuce salad with creamy Italian dressing,

Or a spinach salad with bleu cheese dressing … Roquefort.

Then, chase it all down with a quart of ice cold Dr. Pepper.

For dessert, a large slice of triple fudge chocolate cheesecake,

Topped with sugared strawberries … thick and syrupy,

And a large mug of coffee with cream and sugar.

For the finale soother, top off the night

With a brandy snifter of warmed Napoleon Cognac.


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