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My Love/Hate Relationship with PG&E

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I love to hate my local utility company. My less than favorable relationship with Pacific Gas and Electric began ten years ago during the major remodel of our tiny home. I spent hours and then days trying to get electricity and gas reconnected so we could officially/legally move back into our new homestead. I cursed PG&E privately. And then in an embarrassing moment I cursed directly to an employee, not my proudest point in time. (I did call back and apologized to the employee.) I also sobbed hysterically in my front yard to the electrical technician because the gas technician had to cancel his appointment. During the course of a remodel, there are so many choices that have to be made from light fixtures to counter tops but one thing you can’t choose is your utility company. That week trying to get power to our home was hands down THE worst week during the whole remodeling process and PG&E played a major role.

Fast forward ten years. I’m attending West Coast Green and anticipating the opening keynote speakers. I hadn’t read the full list so I was a little shocked to find myself listening to Peter Darbee, the CEO of PG&E. Well, I was more than pleasantly surprised to learn that Newsweek rated PG&E the greenest utility company in our nation. PG&E currently uses 12 percent renewable energy with plans to grow that number to 20 percent. PG&E was also recognized for their efforts to control energy demands. During Mr. Darbee’s keynote, I felt my relationship change with this not so evil, big utility company. I even felt, dare I say proud that Northern California’s PG&E was leading the way.

So congratulations to PG&E on their greenest utility company rating. Glad that we can both move forward.


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