Noodle with Green Garlic and Crab Meat

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So much green garlic at the farmer’s market yesterday in Santa Cruz; everyone was tripping over them. I couldn’t help but buy some. I also bought some fat Shitake mushrooms and plump local Dungeness crab meat.

Those, and some dried Chinese egg noodle in the cupboard, made a lovely simple dinner last night. So simple it would be a crime to write a recipe.

In a hot wok goes a little oil and then some green garlic cut up on the bias. When the garlic is nice and fragrant, throw in thinly sliced Shitake. Take the Shitake on a spin round the wok until it wilts a bit and gives up some moisture. Then the crab meat. Add a splash or two of good soy sauce. Then in goes the noodle that’s been cooked up on the side. A few quick stirs. A bit of pepper if you’d like—black, white, whatever, we’re equal opportunity around here. Another splash or two of soy sauce just to make me happy.

Four ingredients. Fifteen minutes to cook. Not a frozen pea in sight. Take that, Rachael Ray.


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