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A Nose for Java

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Calling all coffee connoisseurs—beware. Your taste buds may not be properly prepared. But your nose knows.

That beloved coffee in a can, purchased at your local grocery market, is not, shall we say, exactly in favor among the coffee critics who savor the brew.

Move over, bacchanal brunches and wine-sipping soirées. Here’s to coffee-sniffing celebrations.

One popular brand now comes in seventy different fragrances. “The aroma,” writes coffee critic Kenneth Davids in his blog, “Coffee Review,” of the highly rated Kenyan Highland Cooperatives Coffee. It “is very deep and sweet-toned with lush references to banana, coconut, dusk flowers.”

Banana, coconut, oh how shall I sniff thee?

Goodbye to Southern friends who only want a teeny, tiny taste of that bitter chicory in their cup. Hello to all new luscious “snuffs.”

But coffee sniffing hasn’t always been popular. It wasn’t that we even drank it, much less sniffed it, or so the Internet proclaims, until after the Boston Tea Party. Americans, wishing to be different from their former British rulers, took up the coffee habit in preference to drinking that awful stuff—you know, tea.

So now the only problem is deciding whether to sniff Peppermint Patty Espresso or the new Gingerbread Latte. Alas, I cannot afford the calories of even tasting, much less drinking “Chocolate MOOSE Mocha,” the all-time favorite high caloric choice of all who, like me, live in Maine.


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