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One of My Favorite Recipes

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One of the recent requests for favorite recipes is one of my Chicken Dish variations. My friend Maryanne always tells me to improvise sometimes with the food and spices, and vegetables that are in the Kitchen. I often buy boneless Chicken breasts, because to try to debone a chicken part is too time consuming for me unless you are making soup and have a lot of time.

One thing you need for Cooking correctly are good Knives and several Cutting Boards. The reason I may use two or even three cutting boards making one dinner is to prevent “ cross-contamination.” Especially when cutting raw chicken, make sure that after you slice up your chicken breasts that you use a different cutting board to slice or dice your Vegetables. This will avoid contamination.

In a medium frying or sautéing pan, I put some Olive, or Vegetable oil, then the cut-up chicken breasts. After they are browned, I add this time, tomato paste ( usually in a small can). Because of its concentrated nature, add at least two cans of water gradually, stirring constantly. I tried adding some orange juice I had in the refrigerator. Let the mixture simmer on Low for half an hour or it will have no FLAVOR and be too watery. To the mixture you could add cut up green pepper or onion, salt and pepper. Serve the dish with brown or white rice.


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