The Origin of S’mores

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Did you ever know how s’mores got their name? I’ve always wondered that. Where I live, it’s summer time, and every kid in the neighborhood is roasting them at night. I eat them all the time (even though I’m not a kid), and I know; whether you have or not, you know someone that has. But, have you ever though about which person invented them, and when?
Let’s start with the name. The name for S’mores (or if your not big on grammar, smores) originated when people asked for “some more” of that crazy concoction of sweetness. As the idea of that crazy concoction caught on it was eventually called Some More, and then S’mores.

Now the general media says that S’mores were invented by the Girl Scouts in the early 1900’s and regularly made at the Campouts they had. However this information is debatable, even though the recipe appears in the 1927 edition of the girl scouts recipe book, it is very unclear as to whether the Girl Scouts invented them. This is the most likely group of people who created them. However, people could have been making them before, in small groups when the idea caught on and the GirlScout Organization caught wind of it. Or the Girl Scouts saw other campers make them and tried it for themselves, and took credit for them.

S’more have become so popular that they have there own special day. August 10. Did you know that?

As for now, the debate of who created S’mores rages on. And even while were looking for answers, maybe we will just never know, so grab some Graham Crackers, Chocolate and Marshmallows and let the roasting begin!


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