Pleasing Pantry

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I love clean cabinets. I especially like a clean pantry. With a clean pantry I can grab whatever I want quickly. For those of you interested, here are a few steps to get your cabinets clean, organized, and ready to go.

1. Get several boxes or laundry baskets. Label them with the different categories of items you have. Examples are: baking supplies, soup, beans, cereal, extra supplies, etc.

2. Remove every item from your cabinet and sort by category into the baskets.

3. Vacuum and wash the shelves.

4. Replace all of your items by category. Put like items together. Face all of the labels so you can read them. Put the most used items near the front and at eye level (a tip from the grocery store).

5. Label the shelves so that your family can use the cabinet and most importantly PUT THINGS AWAY!

6. You can add shelf dividers and storage units to help contain everything.

Hope this helps a little. Have fun!


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