Polishing Your Tarnished Jewelry

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In cleaning out my bathroom drawers, countertops and cabinets, I also had to attack my jewelry box since I had several receptacles of jewelry strewn all over the place. I went through my earrings and matched them all up discovering that most had become tarnished and unwearable. I set them aside until I had written "Polish Jewelry" on my "To Do" List and finally retrieved them when I had a few free minutes. 

You will notice how dirty and worn the Hagerty Silversmiths' Polish is (it's also almost empty and has pretty much solidified so yes, I need to buy more) and recently just bought the shiny new bottle of Tarn-X (which doesn't work as well as the Hagerty). The Tarn-X I purchased at Target and the Hagerty is usually available at your local hardware store.

Moving on, I got out several paper towels. Again, a nice rag would work better but then you have to wash it or throw it away and I feel better about throwing away paper towels. I soaked the pieces in Tarn-X though the directions say not to for over 2 minutes. So I tried to take them out before then and then rubbed with the Hagerty's, and then rubbed them clean. Now, some of the earrings were not silver – though I was pretty sure none of them were, and so they came out even worse:

But then others turned out sparkling clean.

So there we have it and now I have a few more hoops to wear and another necklace. I actually polished several other pieces, rings, necklaces, earrings before this that worked wonders (of course I didn't think to photograph it at the time and thus this additional story). Putting a bit of laundry detergent in a small dish and adding dirty jewelry will also clean the pieces quite well. I found I did not even need my unltrasonic jewelry cleaner before it broke. If I put my wedding/engagement ring in that little bowl, somehow the detergent attacks the dirt and it comes out sparkling. Moral of the story, do not throw away/give away any of your jewelry before you try cleaning and polishing!



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