Portion Control Plates: The Plate You Love To Hate

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Have you recently seen portion control plates on the market? They come in a variety of sizes under a variety of kitchy brand names. I mean no disrespect to the latest ceramic designs, but c’mon . . . these plates are simply upgrades of the 1960s aluminum foil tv-dinners, which had four compartments for your “protein” (fried chicken), “vegetable” (succotash), “starch” (mashed potatoes), and “fruit” (warm apple cobbler)! Well, in all fairness, today’s meal dividers have a more important purpose than merely quick dinners. In fact, the portion plate serves two important functions for today’s OFS-ers: First, the portion plate provides a visual representation of the proper quantifies you should be consuming of fruits, vegetables, milk/dairy, grains, meat/beans, and fat/oils; and second, the portion plate, if actually utilized to its full potential, can be a critical part of a successful weight loss or weight management program.

A veteran OFS-er, I can “beat” the portion plate with whimsical ease. As far as I’m concerned, the etched boundaries are mere suggestions, creating convenient compartments, where I can heap and keep my food selections neatly away from each other.

OFS Tip-Of-The-Day: An online search for “portion plates” will yield multiple results of various plates serving various needs. Some plates are designed with children in mind, some aim to assist diabetics with their intake, and some are educational tools to remind you, at every meal, of the proper portions you should be visualizing and consuming. Remember, OFS-ers will always have the urge to overeat. Portion control plates are one method to at least remind us of our fragile infirmities. 


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