Preparing Food for Picky Eaters

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Every family has its picky eaters. Some picky eaters will grow out of their habits, but in the mean time, you might get sick of catering to individual food preferences as well as preparing multiple meals every night.
The best way to help your picky eater is to be patient and persistent. If you are in control of the food production in the kitchen, you will have some ability to help your picky eater expand their pallet.
Many people have found that dealing with a picky eater doesn’t need to be a problem. Many picky eaters are used to only eating certain foods and will be unwilling to expand their eating habits to other foods.
If this sounds like your family situation, then you might want to figure out what the foods are that your picky eater is still willing to eat. This might be a difficult conversation for some people, especially if the picky eater has an eating disorder that is either the result of or the root of their pickiness.
If you will make the effort to find out what food items are acceptable to your picky eater then you will have a base on which you will be able to build full meals that the rest of your family will be content with. For example, if your picky eater eats lots of breads or pastas noodles then you can create dishes where additional toppings such as chicken, seafood, vegetables, and different sauces can be enjoyed by the rest of your family.
Another good idea that you may want to give a try is to put your picky eater in charge of some of the kitchen responsibilities, especially the cooking. The idea behind this is twofold.
First there is the idea that a person who is around food more will not have any of the fears that sprout from ignorance. Many people are afraid to eat certain foods that are perfectly acceptable to eat just because they have some misunderstanding or erroneous ideas about how the food is prepared.
Along these same lines a picky eater may feel more inclined to partake of a food that he has prepared by himself. Using the kitchen appliances such as the mixer, food processor and the stove top on a regular basis will expose your picky eater to new foods in a very positive light.
There is also a word to be said for patience and understanding. Pickiness in eating may be a sign of a much more serious problem, for which certain individuals might need the help of a professional.


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