A Product of Our Environment

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Space: continuous expanse in which things exist and move; empty area or extend; opening or gap; area, room, period, or time.

Your personal space should be a place that makes you feel happy with a feeling of “I’m home.”

Surrounding yourself with things that encourage a positive outlook in your life is paramount for your health as well as appearing visually appealing.

Whether you fill your space with photos, ornaments, or art, fill it with your personality instead of what is the latest trend.

Your space is a personal reflection of who you are. For example, if everything is a mess and unorganized, what does that say about you and where you are in life at the moment? The idea is to always look at how you can keep a balance. Have you ever walked into a room that smells fresh, clean, bright, and airy and immediately you begin to feel lifted no matter how your day is going? Our well-being does not just depend on what we eat and how often we exercise, or meditate, our environment can also be a product of us not being well at times. I really do believe that we can become a product of our environment.

There is no doubt that driving through certain shires in England you can see the difference in people’s mentality—the way they dress, the way they walk, the way they interact with people and strangers. For example, some people on the south side are peaceful, they go with the flow but are hardworking and the people on the west (this is just an example) are used to fights, noise pollution, overcrowding, lack of jobs, etc., which reflects in their attitude to all of life. You can certainly see the difference.

There is no doubt that places can affect us mentally, spiritually, and emotionally and unfortunately for some, they did not have a say in the matter. At the end of the day, we do have a choice for change, it is whether we really want it. That is easier said than done as some have become so down and depressed that they cannot ever believe that things could change for them and my heart certainly goes out to them.

So, the question I want to leave with you today … Are you a product of your environment?

“Life is an art, and you are the artist.” … Gabrielita

Create and flow!



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