Rena’s Romance Primer: Color Schemes (Part 1)

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The color of your home can be the first thing people feel about your home, and you. The details will be the second thing. The color of a room can set a mood, even enliven or relax you. The walls are usually the most prominent with color in your home. Detail items like lamps (lighting and the physical lamp) and furniture are also important for a color scheme, so pick wisely.

I like to think of the environments that the colors I describe would be in outside in nature. It makes it easier for me to use them and to decorate.

Pink is the color that comes to mind with most people when they think of a “romantic” home. Pink is soft, but it can be sharp. Pink can remind us of tea roses in bloom. Pink reminds us of sunrises. Gentleness, femininity, and attractiveness are words that come to mind when people go into a pink room. Pink is a good color for the Princess.

Be careful with pink. There have been studies that a certain shade of pink can first relax you, but after a while, it can make you angry or violent again. If you are concerned about that, look into it.

Any of the images could use this color range, though I do suggest trying it cautiously if you do not have much at the moment. The Princess would do well in a light pink room. The Country Maid would feel comfortable in a darker rose room. The Artist might have neon pink as accents. A mauve-pink will work with khaki for the Safari Woman. The Goddess may want the palest of pinks dominant in her rooms to give a lightening effect.

I consider the pink range to be a Desert color.

Pristine. A color that makes people think of cleanliness, but it is so hard to keep clean if you have pets or children. There are different shades of white and you can get white in matte, satin, or even reflective paint. White is not a simple color any more.

White Tone is a term used when white is used as the main color with only one accent color to break the brightness. If you like the contrast, try it in a smaller room to begin with, such as a bathroom, before trying it in a larger area of your home. 

White is a good color for the Greek Goddess image as well as the Princess image. Most others would be wise to use white only as an accent, not main, color. Of all the sub-images, the Nature Girl will want as much white in her environment as possible to help show off her collections of woodsy things she has collected. The right use of fabrics and such will make a white environment yours.

The whites are Neutral, though they could be considered a Sea color.

Black is a clean color when used with precision. Use it as a base color with selected ranges of colors. Black with pastels. Black with strong, sharp primary colors. Black lace on curtains and lampshades. These are all good uses with the color black.

Black can be a good base color for the Gypsy image. Bright colors look even brighter when they are against black. It can hide parts of your home you do not like and this can help the Gypsy, too. If you do not want to admit that a certain closet exists, paint the inside black. Black curtains for your bedroom can help you sleep if you have an odd schedule or just do not like the morning sun. The Goth look is strong in Black, though many Goths I have seen out there actually have light-colored homes, even when they wear black all the time. The Victorian Lady might want to stay away from this color for primary decorating.

Black can come in shades of really dark colors. Green-black seems to be the most widespread. Check the tone of the black you are using before deciding to make it permanent. Fluorescent lights can change the color you see so try to look at the paint, fabric, or whatever in the light you will be using. Do not be afraid to ask for paint chips or small fabric swatches.

The Safari Woman might want to have a mural in her room with a blue-black ceiling full of stars. The Goddess may want to have a black and white contrast to her environment, the black to hide the mundane items she doesn’t want to admit are there. The Country Maid may want to use black enameled dishes and linens for her rustic feasts. The Pirate could paint a wall black to contrast with the gold treasure she hangs there.

Black is a Neutral color, though I have thought of it as a Forest color often.

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