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Rena’s Romance Primer: Metals

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Many times when people choose colors for their environments, they completely forget about the impact that metals can have. Going from one metal to another can change the way you feel about your place without you really realizing why.

There have been many “Mod” rooms I have seen that have been basically all stainless steel, from the walls to the furniture. It is a great look, but, like with glass, it can need cleaning often. Any of the metals can actually be used as a room’s main color, if you decide from the start to do so.

Cast iron, or black metals, usually have a rougher look to them than the more refined gold or silver, and as such, the Gypsy or the Country Maid may want to use Cast Iron for Candle holders and other prominent details. The Princess may also wish to go for that, if she is more of a Medieval Princess. The rough-hewn metal may work for the Safari Woman if she has a few pieces that she has in with her momentos, or for a cast iron candelabra. For some people, Iron is just a black metal, but real Cast Iron has a dark grey cast on the polished areas and can have a red verdigris (rust) that is very rustic.

To me, Cast Iron is a desert metal, though it is good in a field setting, too. 

Gold has been mentioned along with yellow before—in heraldry, it is the same. Glitter aside, gold can be a prominent color in any of the images’ environments. The Pirate may want to display the gold coins she dug up. Gold lame may swath the windows of the Princess or the Goddess. An artist may want to try a faux finish on her walls with gold for highlight. The gilt frame is essential for a Victorian Lady. The Princesses out there … well, you are made for gold.

Gold can be a Forest or Field metal. 

Brass and bronze can sometimes be considered poor-mans gold, but for this set of articles, I consider brass and bronze a set of metals that can be a Pirate, Safari and Country Maid metal. Look for the brass lanterns for camping or in ships to go onto the walls of Safari and Pirate women. The bronze figurines can perk up a Country Maid’s home and a brass serving tray can brighten the Country Maid’s china cabinet.

I consider Brass and Bronze either Desert or Sea metals. 

Silver is a cool color when used as a decorating item. The Princess might want silver to tone down her palace. The Gypsy might want a silver moon to hang on her wall. The Pirate could have a silver-sheathed sword hanging on her wall. A glint of silver running through the drapes in her Temple may please the Goddess.

Silver can be a Forest, Desert or sea color. 

Another silver metal that can be used is Pewter. It used to be made from lead, and if you have some older pieces, I would suggest getting it tested for leakage. Being a metal with a more matte finish, it is great for blending with rich colors without taking away from them. If you are into colonial furniture, it is a perfect fit.

With Pewter, The Princess could have pewter’s gray to soften a black and white decorating scheme instead of gold. The Gypsy will love pewter items to display. The pirate may want a set of pewter tankards or goblets with colorful scarves wrapped around them for her dining pleasure. The Colonial Country Maid will want to invest in some Pewter chargers to put under her china.

I find the silver colored Pewter is a Sea or Forest color.

There are a few things to be said about copper. It is a strong metal, and with the right care, can be a glimmer of style in your home. It doesn’t just come on pot bottoms and plumbing.

The goddess may want to have copper accents in her flame inspired home. The Gypsy should consider the Copper color for decorative bowls she can scry in. The Safari image may want to use copper plumbing pipes to make a canopy-tent over her bed. The Country Maid always has a few tools around made from copper that have that patina of good use.

Copper not only has the shiny copper color, there is also the verdigris of the greens as the copper weathers. Keep this in mind and the different Romantic Arche Types can expand their color feeling with the investment in copper items. Used in an outside area, the Goddess would feel at home with a water feature made with copper that has the colors of the metal from bright to dark with copper to green for interest. Copper torches outside would work well for almost all of the images, from the Pirate to the Gypsy, even the Princess if they were kept immaculate.

I consider Copper a desert metal, though it can be a forest metal, if you consider the verdigris.


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