the revenge of the turkey

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the revenge of the turkey

one hot summer day,
i slouched by the red-bricked garden,
toying with the passing soft cotton clouds
as i nibbled on some thoughts of yesterday.
but the humid summer called for a hot coffee.

and from a distance, a mile away
dark clouds converged in a quiet relay;
the hue that i toyed with my drowsy eyes
then brightening the blue sky had now turned gray.

then a cool breeze swished
stirring my decadent mind
as i played with words amidst
the garden's pastels:
vibrant array of greens, pinks, yellows and purples -

like the colors of the rainbow
in the long-drawn wait for the rain,
for a field of summer dance i surmised.

then a nice read of a book on poetry
sufficed maybe to calm my otherwise
agitated senses but nipped short
by the rustling sounds behind my back.

a sublime connivance?
a confluence of nature's unusual characters -
a thunder and rain to come,
a full moon by the night's howling in the offing?

all these connived like a confluence
of the universe's events -
leading to an amusing, weird scenario,
an encounter beyond an explanation.

the weirdest of them all
got me flat-footed alright:

a flock of turkeys
surrounded my quiet cocoon,
with the male – a gobbler in fighting form,
stormed at my desolate state
and pecked me hard from behind
with his blunt peak.

ouch! my back was pock-marked red
courtesy of this he-turkey
for no apparent reason at all.

i cried in disbelief as i shooed
away the flock with a book.
but the he-turkey came back,
now with even more menacing look
and a taunting stance, ready to pounce.

mr. turkey strutted back and forth,
morphing like a white feathery ball of fire
with all his spiked feathers -
ala tomahawk warrior.
He lunged with his double-bladed beak
and let out a croaky warrior's turkey call:
girding to fight it out!

fast rewind:

this same flock i shooed away
as the entire brood uprooted
the rest of my garden's patches -
with all the sweet camote's leaves gone.

fast forward:

Ah, vengeance had come so to speak
for this turkey who failed to have his fill.
"This is payback time of a chance," he thought all the while.

and i quipped:
do turkeys have human mind?
once hurt they seem to never forget?
and there's the whole brood who awaited
the perfect time for a quiet revenge.

i almost turned a turkey-eyed no less
with a scenario weird like this.


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