Saving with After-Holiday Sales

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If you are done Christmas shopping by now, more shopping is the last thing on your list, but if you keep your eyes open during the after-Christmas sales, you can save money and be ahead time next year. When I had my first apartment, I didn’t have much for Christmas decorations, but I scoured the after-Christmas sales, and within a year or two, I had a good collection. Now I pick up things I need for a fraction of original price.

It is a great time to stock up on gift bags, gift boxes, wrapping paper, cards, etc. Having things you normally use on hand ahead of time saves you from having to buy them next year. Also, if you are just starting out or need a new artificial tree, wreaths, or other decorations, it’s a good time to look for them. Sometimes you can find holiday wrapping paper that not necessarily Christmas themed that can be used for other occasions throughout the year.

Other things to look for are candles and candies. If you buy the holiday bags of candies like Hershey’s Kisses, peanut butter cups, etc. you can use them for upcoming holidays. The silver and gold ones can be used for New Year’s, red and silver for Valentine’s Day, and green and gold for St. Patrick’s Day.

If your budget can handle it, you may also be able to pick up some gifts for people to use for birthdays, or even for next Christmas.


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