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Set the Mood with a Romantic Fireplace

You never hear about folks curling up beside the radiator or gathering ‘round the space heater. It takes firelight to create ambiance like that. But obviously, not every home has a fireplace. That’s where Anywhere Fireplace, which was founded by Madi Ferencz and her son Peter de Voogd, comes in. With this self-contained unit, you don’t need a chimney or vent to enjoy a warm fire. There’s no gas or electric hookup required either. You simply mount the Anywhere Fireplace on the wall (it took us about fifteen minutes with minimal tools), or make room on the floor or tabletop for the freestanding version.

The wall-mounted Chelsea model has a sleek, stainless-steel enclosure. It’s a great fit for a family room, bedroom or study—any room in the house, really. The portable freestanding model, called the Gramercy, can be used inside or outside. On a patio, the Gramercy adds light and warmth with a style that’s much more subtle and sophisticated than a typical fire pit. Both the Chelsea and the Gramercy burn bio-ethanol liquid fuel, which is made from renewable plant resources and doesn’t give off any smoke, gas, soot or ash. (One liter of fuel will burn for about five hours.)

What sets these fireplaces apart is how easily (and affordably) they can create the perfect mood for a romantic evening, a gathering of friends, or unwinding after a long day. If you’ve always coveted a fireplace but lack a chimney, this is an elegant, eco-friendly alternative that’s all ambiance, and no fuss.

You can learn more and purchase the Anywhere Fireplace here at Daily Grommet.

Originally published on Daily Grommet


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