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Seven Tips for Creating a Welcoming Guest Room

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The summer brings family and friends traveling from near and far. Is your guest room ready to do its job? When they arrive on your freshly swept doorstep, welcome them with open arms and a well-appointed space they can call their own. Beyond decorating the bedroom with your personal flair and style, think about furnishing your guest room with the same consideration you give to your own bedroom. Carefully contemplate how the room will be used and by whom.

Here are seven suggestions to give your guest room a welcoming feel:

1. Cradle them in luxury. A good foundation is critical, so why not go all out on the bedding? Purchase 400-plus thread count sheets and some wonderful pillows and a comforter that suits your climate. Make them feel like they are at a luxury hotel.

2. Wake them up gently. Put an alarm clock with a CD player in the room and leave them a variety of cd’s. Soothing tunes to fall asleep and something upbeat for during the day. 

3. Remember what they forgot. Put an extra robe in the closet and extra toiletries in the bathroom. They will really appreciate not having to ask for these items.

4. Make room. Make sure your closet and drawers have extra space for their belongings. Nothing says “we are happy you are here” like some extra space and a few empty hangers.

5. Stay tuned-in. Whether you like having a TV in your bedroom or not, most guests appreciate one. They may use it to go to sleep or just to take a break on their own.

6. Creature comforts. Put a glass of water by their bedside and let them know where they can easily find a snack in the kitchen.

7. Light the way. Make sure the room is well lit for safety and comfort. Do they have a good light for reading? How about a night light to the restroom? It’s best if you have a light that can be switched from the doorway and the bedside.

The best way to assess the comfort of your guest room is to spend a night sleeping there yourself! You will be amazed at the small things you notice. This is the easiest way to get the full experience; giving you time to replace lumpy mattresses and stale towels before your guests arrive.

There are many people in our lives that we wish we could see more often. It’s great to show them how much you care through the little things you do to prepare for their visit. Just like a gift, it’s the thought that counts most.


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