A Sexy Boudoir Without the Cheese

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I’m not sure about the rest of the female population, but the traditional “sexy” boudoir turns me off, not on. Red satin sheets sprinkled with rose petals, a million lavender scented pillows, the mirror hung over the four-poster canopied bed, book of Kama Sutra casually open on the bedpost, mood music and heart-shaped candles … if I happened to find myself in a date’s sanctum sanctorum that looked like this, my mind would say “cheeseball” and my groin would say “run.” I want a man, not the cover of a romance novel.

Yet I’m not sure my room creates much of a mood either. My bed stand is loaded with books; my running, biking, and hiking shoes are piled in a corner; and I’ve yet to find a proper curtain for my window. Though I’d like to think that chemistry is enough to inspire a disrobing, perhaps I could do more with my décor to make sure it happens.

Here are some simple tips to help create a romantic mood—for Valentine’s Day and every day—without being over the top.

  • Lighting
    It doesn’t take an interior designer to tell you that fluorescent and bright lighting isn’t flattering. If you have a dimmer on your main light switch, use it. Turn off the bed stand light or replace the regular bulb with an amber or rose-colored light bulb. They will give you an insta-healthy glow. Or, you can turn off all the lights and put candles throughout your room. The flickering warm light will help create a mood of warmth, and the dark shadows will be enough to mask the fact that you’ve eaten Valentine’s Day chocolates every day this week.
  • Colors
    To create a more sensual mood in the bedroom, paint your walls warm neutrals like apricot, salmon, gold, and honey. However, if your walls are like mine—white—and you’re looking to create a romantic mood in the next few days, you can still add some hues of hotness with your choice of bedding. Go for warm, soft colors like browns, burgundies, or reds, or soft tones like off-white, oatmeal, and sage. 
  • Temperature
    Should the bedroom be hot or cold? Certainly, creating a warm mood with color and lighting can be killed by a freezing house; by the same vein, nothing will get you under the covers faster than a chilly bedroom. However, there is some evidence that a woman needs to be comfortable in order to fully enjoy the mood; part of this comfort is being warm. Turn up the thermostat.
  • Scent
    If you’re already going to have candles in your room, might as well make them scented. Try out these Votivo Candles, which smell great and last a long time. For a natural scent and a pretty accent, add a bouquet of roses, lavender, lemon blossoms, or lily of the valley.
  • Mood Music
    Depending on your tastes, this could be anything from Barry White to Johannes Brahms to Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown. (“Mojo Working” is a classic). For some ideas, see Songs to Swoon By and Your Sexy Playlist for Stripping and Snuggling.

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 Photo courtesy of Enrico Corno


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