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Silver Goblets

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The most beautiful tables imaginable and the coldest water to pass your lips will be served in simple silver goblets. Too Expensive? Too difficult to take care of? You may be surprised. I was thrilled to run across twenty more of them recently when I saw them in a local antique store. I already owned a dozen. They were around $10–12 apiece.

The very light goblets you find indicate that they are probably solid sterling silver (look for a sterling mark on the bottom of the piece). Some may be silver plated which are a bit heavier with a similar shape. All of them conduct the cold beautifully. After your dinner table is set, add ice cubes to the top of the glasses and let them sit until you are ready to serve dinner. At that time, add another cube or two and iced water to each glass.

How do you keep these silver goblets looking beautiful from occasion to occasion? First, hand wash your goblets in warm sudsy water, rinse, and let dry. To store, get a plastic bag (without holes in it) and place one goblet standing in the bottom. Stuff the plastic bag’s top into it and turn the cup so its "feet" are in the air. This is how my mother did it and how I’ve done it for the last ten years. 


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