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Six Ways to Save on Groceries

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Anyone who has shopped in the last month or two has probably noticed their grocery bills creeping upward—and the media has been steadily reporting on the increase in prices. So what are some ways to save on these must-have items that are suddenly sticker-shocking us?

These tips, originally published in our Mom Inventors newsletter, come from Susie in Jacksonville, FL:

1. Buy in bulk.
If you have a small family, stick to non-perishables that won’t spoil over time. But for large families, warehouse stores—and supermarkets that offer bulk-size discounts—can’t be beat. Stock up on the items you know you’ll use, especially larger-ticket items like diapers, juice, snacks, cereal, and meat.

2. Shop multiple stores.
Check out your major chain stores’ weekly circulars, and hit two or three stores to get the sale items at each. Yes—it takes a little extra time, but if you have some to spare, it can really slash your final costs.

3. Avoid convenience foods!
The more pre-packaged and convenient it seems, the more you’ll pay. Again—a few extra minutes’ effort in preparation can save you, big time!

4. Shop store brands.
This is probably a no-brainer for most, but generic or store brands are often just as tasty—and much less expensive.

5. Leave the kids and hubby at home!
No one can spoil a budget better than family members requesting items that aren’t on your must-have shopping list.

6. Avoid the “other” stuff.
More and more grocery stores now contain aisles full of things like dishes, toys, and other non-food related items apt to become impulse purchases. Avoid these aisles if you can!


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