St. Patrick’s Day Feast

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After reading the story about the girl who thought she was cooking a beef brisket when she was really cooking a corned beef brisket (and also since St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner), I thought I might share my recipe for corned beef brisket. If you are having friends over this is an easy, great, and inexpensive dinner.

(serves six people)

one flat cut corned beef brisket (about 3-4 pounds)
six carrots
ten small potatoes
six turnips (quartered)
two medium sized onions (quartered)
twelve Brussels sprouts
one large head of cabbage (cut into six wedges)
one carton of sour cream
one bottle prepared horseradish

Fill a large pot with enough water to cover the brisket. Empty the contents of the package, usually containing all the spices or if there is a separate spice packet open it and put the contents in the water with the brisket. Cover the brisket and bring to a boil, reduce heat to a simmer and cook fifty minutes per pound.

While the brisket is cooking, make a horseradish sauce with sour cream and horseradish to taste. Prepare turnips, small potatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts, and large quarters of cabbage.

When the brisket is done take it out the pot and keep warm. Put the potatoes and carrots in the brisket liquid and cook for about five minutes, then add the rest of the vegetables.

When the vegetables are done, pour them into a colander, butter and pepper them. Do not salt! Corned beef is salty. Slice the brisket by cutting in cross the grain in about 3/4 inch slices, arrange the slices on a large warm platter, and surround the brisket with the buttered vegetables.

I would serve this with a salad of mixed greens, blue cheese, walnuts, pears, and your favorite vinaigrette. Also, don’t forget to serve stout beer or ale and Irish soda bread.

A fun dessert would be pistachio ice cream (green for St. Patty’s day), your favorite cookie, and some Irish coffee. For Irish coffee, you mix coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and cream to your taste.  



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