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Ten Ways to Keep Your Vacation Rental Organized

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1. Leave lots of open counter space for the groceries to be unpacked. Not only do they need room in the refrigerator and freezer, but also renters will want to unpack their groceries into cabinets or they may want to leave them on the counter.

2. Provide but store all small countertop appliances. Some people use a coffee maker, some don’t. Some will use a blender on their vacation, others never will. Store the toaster, too.

3. Get rid of anything broken, chipped, or mismatched. This is their vacation place; you want your renters to come back time and time again, so eliminate anything that doesn’t work or fit in with the relaxed atmosphere you are wanting to create.

4. Have a matching set of dishes, glasses, cups, and silverware for at least the number that your rental sleeps. It is so much nicer to eat of matching plates and dishware, even if you are just serving take-out!

5. Match up all the plastic storage containers. How frustrating is it when you can’t find the matching lid and container when trying to put food away? Make it easier and offer matching plastic storage containers in a variety of sizes. Recycle the rest!

6. Make sure that every room is easily lit at night. Do all the switches have a light or lamp that work with them? Are there bedside lamps for every bed? Have it be easy for the renters to find lights and not stub their toes in the dark.

7. Look at each room with a renter’s perspective. Does the room look inviting? Cozy? Able to entertain easily? Avoid visual clutter so that you are offering a more neutral setting for guests to use the space as they choose.

8. Where would you put your big suitcase if you were staying for a week or two? Luggage needs a place to be opened, unpacked, and then stored while the renters are there. Do the closets have extra storage space or would a suitcase fit under the bed?

9. Don’t store your own clothes there. Again, renters want to be able to unpack. They may appreciate extra bathrobes, but don’t leave your socks in a drawer.

10. Enjoy your own vacation rental! It’s your home away from home.


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