Tequila Trip

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Tequila—nectar of the Gods! Ancient cure for all woes and ills. On the rocks, chilled, warm temperature, mixed, or from the bottle, any which way is a fine style of drink. But, I prefer a shot, a tall shooter glass, straight and neat, no salt nor lime, just down the hatch, thus beginning my search for the reason for it all. I’ve drank many varieties in my time, but my favorite is Patron Silver, smooth and mellow goin’ down. After downin’ a fifth of this shit, you see light and have a conversation with a holy sight. This type of “trippin’” is legal as long as it is done within the walls of your Inner Sanctum!


One 750ml. bottle of Patron Silver
One tall 3-ounce Fluted Shot Glass (just my preferred style)
One CD stereo boombox (I’m a old timer)
One CD of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”
One strobe light (a necessary proponent of the experience)
One helluva comfortable plush recliner (an old Lazy Boy will suffice)


1. Turn on the ol’ boombox, pop in Pink Floyd, and crank it up. If it’s too loud, I.D.F.C. (I don’t f——-’ care)

2. Turn on the strobe light, synchronize with “Dark Side Of The Moon.”

3. Grab the bottle of Patron Silver and your shot glass, then flop your ass down into that favorite recliner, pour a shot, and sense the anticipation fillin’ the air.

4. Shoot a shot, relish the taste and sensation, feelin’ the trip beginning.

5. Shoot another, then another, and … feel yourself fly into the infinite sky, trippin’ across cosmic waves and pulsating beams.

6. Now, doesn’t this make for one helluva Saturday night!


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