Thrift Store Decor

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Hi, my name is Jenny and I’m … a thrift store junkie. With summer around the bend I am overjoyed with the thought of thrift shopping and yard sales galore! There are so many great decorating items you can find if you’re willing to use your imagination and a little elbow grease. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Fabrics: Thrift stores are full fabrics you can use to make other things! I’ve been known to take a bed skirt and use the fabric for pillows or a valance. Sheets can be used to make duvet covers, curtains, pillows, skirts, etc. If you find something with an interesting fabric, grab it! Even if it’s not in the form that you want you can cut, sew/glue, and make it what you want.

Frames: Keep your eyes open for unique frames that you can paint or use as is. Even if you don’t like the picture, most times the frame alone is worth shelling out a couple of dollars. If you don’t have something to frame, think of non-traditional ways to use the frame—contemporary wall designs, funky coffee table, homemade book cover, the possibilities are endless. 

Dishes: Thrift stores/yard sales are great places to find unique dish sets. Even if you don’t find a whole set that you like look for a pretty plate/bowl/cup to use as decor, whether it is to hang as art, use as a potpourri dish, or a pencil holder.

Tins/Baskets/Storage: You have no idea how many cool storage boxes/tins/baskets you can find at these places! I’ve been lucky enough to find matching tins (over several trips) that I use to store photos and stationary, you could also hang them on the wall for art or as a knickknack shelf. There are tons of baskets you can find to hide toiletries, magazines, craft supplies, toys, etc. So much fun and funky storage ideas.

Furniture: Look for pieces that are sturdy and well crafted. The color doesn’t matter, the hardware doesn’t matter—those things can be replaced for relatively cheap. You want something that is SOLID. Again, look for non-traditional ways to use a piece—with a hard top, that changing table could turn into a kitchen island/storage piece. I once turned a dresser with two columns of drawers into a desk—drawers on one side and I cut the other side out to make room to sit.

That’s just a couple of ideas to get you started. It all boils down to looking for quality pieces that with a little bit of tweaking can turn into a great original piece that’s perfect for you. Happy hunting!



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