Too Beautiful to Drink: Coffee Art

Latte art, the craft of making patterns in the foam of espresso beverages, is now an art form rivaling the masterpieces of Van Gogh himself. Most indie coffee houses will top your drink with a cursory latte-leaf these days, however, these brews have revolutionized festive-foam making. (Click on the plus sign below the image for a larger view.)  Related Story: Ten Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee
  • Bruce Lee

    “Take things as they are. Punch when you have to punch. Kick when you have to kick.”—Bruce Lee

    Photo source: “funnyphotos”:

  • Saturn and the Stars

    The stars are aligned for you to enjoy this cup of planetary perfection.

    Photo source: “emmitsburg”:

  • Ahhhhh!

    Somehow, a creepy looking lady staring at me is far from the best part of waking up.

    Photo source: “studio6coffee”:

  • Obamaccino

    Now this is change we can all believe in, conservative or democrat.

    Photo source: “Art of Obama”:

  • Surf’s Up

    Take ten to hang ten with this Hawaiian-inspired cup of love.

    Photo source: “Photobucket user hagalaz111”:

  • I’m a Little Teapot, Foamy and Strong

    Am I the only one who thinks an image of a teapot on a cup of coffee is a bit odd?

    Photo source: “Notempire”:

  • Frogaccino

    I wonder if you kiss this latte if it will turn into a handsome prince?

    Photo source: “InfoBarrel”:

  • John Lennon

    Imagine all the coffee, living life with cream.

    Photo source: “Studio6Coffee”:


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