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Using Color to Get Through a Crisis

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“What a blustery day!” Winnie the Pooh’s words and British understatement definitely describe what we survived last week. However, in California, we aren’t used to all this weather that they have in the hundred acre woods. Years ago in college I spent a semester abroad in England. One night, there were hurricane winds outside—that’s what the radio said. This California girl didn’t know the difference between hurricane winds, hurricane, or tornado. What I did know was that I was on the top floor and one wall of my room was glass and I saw HUGE pieces of roof fly off the building. Now we aren’t talking about a few shingles, I am talking about huge sheets of metal. I got scared and went to my English friends and said, “What do you do?” Duck and cover didn’t seem the right answer. They said “Nothing, it’s just wind.” Uhhhh, I don’t think so . . . this isn’t wind, this is scary! I went down to a fellow Californian on the second floor where I felt a little safer and rode out the storm.
A few weeks later, they had a small earthquake. Now it was about 3.1, which in California, isn’t even worth waking up for. They were scared. “Jeanette what do you do?” they cried. “Ohh, a baby one that like is nothing, we don’t do anything. That wouldn’t even knock stuff off the shelf.” That didn’t satisfy them. “But the Earth MOVED!” they gasped. Yeah . . . it does that.
Well last week for the first time since then, I experienced hurricane winds in California. We are safe and nothing major is damaged but it was scary and once again, there was this helpless feeling of what to do and knowing there wasn’t much except wait. I will take an earthquake any day, as a friend quoted, “You know the earthquake is going to end.” The wind not so much.
So how do you deal with these stressful situations? You can use color to help ease your stress. We had no heat for three days. I stayed in the rooms of my home with most warm colors, wore my reds and oranges to make me feel warmer. Need to stay calm? Greens, pinks, and blues can be a huge help. Don’t let the stress eat you. Surround yourself in a color to help you deal with the problem.
Think about the places you are most stressed: Doctor’s offices, airports, hospitals. What color are they? Now you are going to notice and know that those colors are meant to help you deal with the situation at hand. Do you have something scary going on? Use color to help you deal with it. Wear your colors, paint your colors, even if you just have a pillow to focus on, it will help.


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