The Vegetarian Cooks a Turkey

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As of now, I’ve been a vegetarian for about eight years. This does however include slight changes that I’ve made to the extremeness of my diet over the years. For a while, I tried Veganism, and almost past out from a total lack of anything I could eat or make while going to school full time and working.

This also includes my decision to eat fish. When I lived in Bolivia, their version of vegetarian soup had chicken feet in it ‘for flavor.’ So eating fish was a good way to avoid anything too scary and they did have some damn delicious river fish in Bolivia.

I currently still eat fish. My boyfriend/partner is addicted to sushi and now so am I. I love fresh Sashimi, or raw fish cut into strips to eat with wasabi and soy sauce.

Now all these confessions aside, I’m cooking for Thanksgiving this year. Including the turkey. Chris would cook the Turkey, but quite frankly he loves deep-fried turkey … and that is way more frightening thought. Fried foods kinda freak me out. Don’t get me wrong, I love McD’s french fries about once or twice a year, but the ideas of cooking something by submerging it in melted animal fat is just plain weird.

On another note, I’ve decided that when I want to get pregnant, and have kids I don’t want to raise them vegetarian. They will defiantly eat more tofu then normal kids, but I want them to enjoy anything and everything they want to try.

In deciding to cook this turkey, I’m still battling to see if I’m going to eat any.

Something about this big airy, open, natural light filled house has made me want to fill it with laughing children and not just cats. In one year. As of October, we will talk about kids and whether we want to wait another year or start trying.

I never wanted my own kids until I started dating Chris. Before fear of passing on my Arthritis to my children and watching them struggle with the pain and isolation that comes with such a disease when you’re so young was not something I was willing to do.

I still struggle when I think that it might happen anyway. But I want to see and raise and touch and love our babies. I want to see who they’ll take after and who they’ll look like.

So, maybe I eat the turkey I cook and maybe not. But what it really means is how close I am to giving in and letting go … and hoping that I’m ready for babies and all that comes with them.


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