Weisskohl Salat: Food My Momma Usta Make

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In the summer (in fact, pretty much all year round), a day wouldn’t pass in which my mother didn’t make salad. For the most part, they’d be leafy green salads, but Weisskohl Salat (white cabbage salad) is a nice crunchy alternative to the usual greens.


Weisskohl Salat

One small head white cabbage, finely chopped

One red onion, minced

2 tablespoons vinegar*

3 tablespoons olive oil

Salt (to taste)

Sugar (to taste)

Sour cream (to taste), optional



It’s really very simple: toss all ingredients and refrigerate overnight. The next day, taste the salad and adjust according to your liking. You may want to add a bit more vinegar or sour cream … whatever you like.

And by the way, my mom never measures anything … it’s all to taste, so use the ingredient quantities as a guideline, not a hard and fast rule.

*The real secret to Weisskohl Salat is the vinegar. My mom prefers Kühne Salata vinegar or Hengstenberg vinegar—available at many import groceries. The ingredients are: spirit vinegar, wine vinegar, and natural flavors.

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