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What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’? Twelve Sexy Celeb Chefs

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    Jamie Lauren

    Head chef at San Francisco’s Absinthe Brasserie and Bar, and Top Chef semi-finalist, this celezbian chef could turn any straight woman gay—myself included.


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    Tom Colicchio

    There is something incredibly drool-worthy about Top Chef judge and Craft owner, Tom Colicchio. He could craft me anything, any day of the week. Photo Source: 

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    Alice Waters

    A founder of the movement toward local and sustainable food, and owner of Bay Area-based restaurant Chez Panisse, Alice Waters is a keystone of good food. There’s nothing sexier than a confident, accomplished woman who knows how to cook. 

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    Anthony Bourdain

    What’s sexier than a French man who travels the world and can cook? Nothing. Hence, Anthony Bourdain is an obvious addition to the list of sexiest chefs. I would have No Reservations about dating and mating with this foodie demi-god. 

  • Giada De Laurentiis

    Rome-born Giada De Laurentiis is gorgeous, successful, and talented—a delicious triple threat. 

  • Rocco DiSpirito

    Rocco started his career as a little tyke in his mom’s Jamaican kitchen. His meatballs, broccoli rabe, and smile will bring any women (or gay man) to their knees. 

  • Nigella Lawson

    There is something incredibly sexy about Nigella. Her dark tresses and red dresses can turn canned ravioli into foie gras

  • Akhtar Nawab

    Up-and-coming chef Akhtar Nawab is a protégé of Tom Colicchio. He plays bass guitar, can cook a mean curry, and has looks that rival the sexiest Bollywood celebs. 

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    Jamie Oliver

    British-born Jamie Oliver is popularly known as “The Naked Chef.” While his nickname is homage to the simplicity of his recipes, some people (myself included) wish it was in reference to his lack of clothing. 

  • Cindy Sargon

    Although not very well known in the United States, Cindy Sargon is a sexual (and food) goddess in Australia; with looks like hers, it’s easy to see why. 

  • Padma Lakshmi

    Padma is known more for her hosting skills than her grilling skills. However, with two cookbooks under her belt and sex appeal that rivals Penélope Cruz; she could not have been excluded from this list. 

  • Govind Armstrong

    Chef Armstrong is a 2.0 version of Bob Marley—he is hot, hot, hot with dishes that are yum, yum, yum. 


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