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What’s Your Favorite Easter Tradition?

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Spring has sprung once again! As I drive through our neighborhood, folks are out enjoying the fresh spring air.

Cyclists roll by and runners get their daily dose of exercise. Walkers try to keep up with their furry friends as they sniff their way through. Squirrels put on quite a tease as they chase one another around.

Sweet lilies intoxicate the air and the most vibrant colors of tulips and daffodils dance across the magnificent green carpet.

Easter is one of my favorite holiday celebrations. A new birth, a new day, a new song and a renewal of life!

What is your favorite Easter tradition? Do you travel to a family reunion to celebrate? Or how about celebrating with Easter brunch and the most delicious egg casserole you can get your hands on.

Time to relax as the kids scurry in a hurry away from the table and out the door. The hunt is on as they swirl about in a race to fill their Easter baskets.

Energetic little minds can't wait to crack open those mysterious colorful plastic eggs. The mystery is solved.

Lots of jelly beans and quarters too!

The first I ever remember was at the age of five, we traveled to Ohio from Kentucky to our wonderful Hungarian Easter family reunion! Family from afar come together in this most wonderful celebration. My grandfather was the only boy and shared eight sisters! Can you imagine? Anyway, my great aunts bake the most delicious variety of Hungarian pastries you have ever tasted!

Children race out the door once again and head for the big shady oak tree. It's the time they have been waiting most patiently for. A big colorful Easter Piñata, everyone lined up. Candy falling to the ground, hurry up and eat it before it melts!

The big pose, snap the picture! Family memories lasting a lifetime. Pictures to share for many years to come.

Oh please, can we stay a little longer?

So what is your favorite Easter tradition?


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