What Football Can Teach Us About Home Remodeling

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Between remodeling my home and the recent NFL draft, I’ve had both on my mind. In the process, I’ve realized there are some great lessons to be learned from football that pertain to home remodeling.

1) Teamwork is Critical
Football is a team sport. Everyone has a specific job to do in order to execute the play. When it comes to your home remodeling project, it is important to call on a team of experts. Maybe you can do part of the project yourself, but if some things exceed your handyman abilities, you’re better off leaving it to the professionals.

2) Be Flexible
Just because the coach calls a certain play, that doesn’t mean the exact play will actually happen. Sometimes a passing play turns into running the ball. Just like in football, sometimes what you planned for your house doesn’t always happen. For instance, you may plan on putting in new hardwood floors, but in the process you discover your water heater is broken. So, instead of putting in your new floors, you spend that money on a new water heater. It’s important to be flexible and not let these hiccups get in the way of the big picture. Hence my next point.

3) Focus on the Big Picture
The ultimate goal is to win the game – or finish the home remodeling project on time. There are many little details that get you from point A to point B that can distract you from the big picture. Don’t stress over these details – if your home is finished and you’re happy with it, that what’s important at the end of the day.

4) Preparation is Important
In football, the offseason is spent training in the weight room, studying plays, and watching game film. Preparation is also important when choosing to remodel your home. Researching home remodeling companies is a good place to start. Look for companies that provide free estimates, have great reviews, and understand your budget. You also need to be prepared financially. Some remodeling companies offer financing options to help you build your dream home.

5) A Good Foundation is Essential
As a former athlete, I understand the importance of a good foundation. It’s important to have the foundation of proper coaching and training. Without it, you’re unlikely to enter the big leagues. Same goes for a house. Without the proper foundation, you’re simply building on top of rubbish, and problems are certain to arise.

6) Be Conservative
When they have a big lead, most football teams play not to lose. That means they play conservatively. They punt the ball instead of going for it on fourth down in their own territory. Or, they kick a sure field goal instead of trying to score an iffy touchdown. When remodeling your home, don’t take risks. Choose a reputable company to execute your remodel. Make sure they know your vision and budget and don’t exceed it. Owning your home gives you a big financial lead, and you don’t want to lose it.

Consider the ways this great American pastime can teach us about home remodeling. I believe the lessons learned from football can be applied to many other aspects of life as well. What can you think of?


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