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What If We Don’t Want Air Conditioning?

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We don’t have air conditioning. Why? Well, money … partly. But also because my last house (a totally remuddled bungalow—that’s another story entirely) had air conditioning and the basement was uninhabitable when it was on.

Our house has a garden level basement and I would hate to have it be too cold. Many folks in our neighborhood have swamp coolers but I don’t like that “swimming pool” effect you get when you walk into a house with one on. My parents had a whole house fan. I thought it was an excellent way to vent out hot air at night and pull cool air up through the basement.

Are there any other options?

Window air conditioners are out of the question because we have crank windows (my husband is sure there’s a way around this without totally messing up the look of the house.).

So, what’s out there? Any suggestions?


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