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When “Roomy” Is Too Roomy!

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Are you transitioning from a small living space—where you had very little room for anything—into a home that has a great deal of space? Does the immensity of your newly acquired space baffle you? I know this sort of situation can feel overwhelming.


Let’s consider one really huge room. Our imaginations can run wild in it. The design possibilities for this room seem endless. Potentially the room of all rooms, it may have vaulted ceilings, rich African walnut hardwood floors, and incredible views with loads of natural light streaming in.

But now you realize you have a design dilemma: all your existing furniture is suddenly too small, and looks silly floating in a sea of extra space. You may want to pull out every last hair from your head and shout AAAGH! Not to worry! There are a number of ways we can combat the problem.

One simple way to fill a large space is by making better use of your existing furnishings by creating two or more separate areas of focus. We can group your current sofa setting (loveseat, sofa, and chair) with accompanying occasional tables over a large area rug. This will designate a conversational area. Still looking at too much room? We can create another setting off to the side, perhaps in the corner. Here we can place an oversized reading chair, with an ottoman, table, and lamp next to it, on a separate, coordinating rug. There you go—you have another area of interest. Is there still too much room? If the extra space is along the wall, we can place a large, accessorized console table here, and hang some of your favorite art above it.

Another, perhaps obvious, solution for a too-large space is to purchase large-scale furnishings that take up more space than your current pieces. You might have to ask about the availability of larger pieces when you’re shopping. A lot of stores sell mass-marketed products, and the majority of their furniture is scaled down to fit into new (and smaller) homes, condos, and lofts. You, on the other hand, should think BIG! I suggest you purchase oversized sofas, tables, and rugs that will accommodate the overall size of your new setting. Art for your walls needs to be large-scale as well, since small pictures here and there will look odd.

As a final touch, we can disperse large houseplants and equally large accessories around your home to bring your space to life. If you work with a big space, instead of against it, visitors to your house will think you’re one smart design diva.


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