Whose Garden?

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I live in a house with a yard and no garden, and a couple of months ago my sister moved into a house with a lovely garden. I am a gardener she is not … so it seemed very strange that she should have a garden and no desire to do anything with it and there I am garden itching to get one. So I volunteered to dig it, plant it, water it, and tend it. Today I went to see how it was developing and to my delight the grass had started to show and the whole garden looks so lovely. Then a discussion broke out when I said my garden, my sister said no, it’s my garden, and I felt a pang of jealousy. I know it’s where she lives but she has had no involvement with it and there would not be a garden there if it had not been for my efforts.

I came home and thought I give to you has a gift because really it God’s garden and he has loaned it to both of us for a very short time amen.


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