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Before You Purchase a Reusable Bag, Consider This

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Before choosing a reusable bag there are a few things you may want to consider:

  • Is the bag made from recycled material, sustainable materials, and/or eco-friendly fabrics?
  • Is the size and shape of the bag going to fit my needs?
  • Are the straps going to be comfortable for how I plan on carrying the bag?
  • Is this bag durable and washable?
  • Will it stand easily when being filled with groceries?
  • Is it too big that it is going to be to heavy to carry when it is full?
  • Since the goal of reusable bags is to have them for awhile be sure to consider the quality of the bag before you purchase it?

Here are some places you may want to consider purchasing your reusable bags from:

Let me know what your favorite reusable bag is. I am always looking for new bags for myself and my friends.

If you are a company who makes reusable bags I would love to learn more about your company and your products.


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