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Hope for Couples Struggling to Get Pregnant!

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I am a 36 1/2 year old female who had been trying to conceive for 8 months. As my husband and I had prevented pregnancy for 12 years, we assumed getting pregnant would be easy. We were wrong! I spent hundreds of dollars on drug store ovulation kits with no success!

Given my age, we were referred by my OBGYN to a Fertility Specialist to begin testing to ensure there were no problems. Over the course of 6 weeks, I was diagnosed with a large ovarian cyst and was told that I had to go on birth control pills to try and shrink it. While this was frustrating to me, I was assured by my OBGYN that I had no other recourse. 

Just prior to the diagnosis of an ovarian cyst, my sister came across a new product called “The OV Watch”. The watch claimed to be able to predict ovulation up to 4 days prior to the actual occurrence. As I have worked in clinical development within the pharmaceutical industry for the last 14 years, I immediately reviewed the clinical data on the watch. I was impressed to say the least and decided to make a purchase. As I was on the pill when the watch arrived, I could not start using it right away. 

After several weeks my cyst decreased in size and the specialist told me I could stop taking the pill and he would resume testing on me. I immediately began using the watch with hopes that this would be the month I conceived. Unfortunately, on day 7 of my cycle I was informed by the specialist that I had a high FSH level (17) and that the chances of having a genetic child were pretty much non-existent. I left his office with a box of tissues and a package of information on an expensive egg donor program. 

I spent the next two days sobbing, praying and researching FSH on the internet. Since I had started the cycle with the watch, I continued to wear it as I was hoping somehow there would be a miracle. I am sure you can all imagine my surprise when I woke up on Day 10 of my cycle and the watch had started the magical countdown to ovulation. Honestly, looking at the watch that morning and over the next several mornings gave me hope when I had absolutely none. I wiped away the tears, climbed out of bed and decided that I had nothing to lose by continuing to try and get pregnant.

Two weeks later I test positive on a pregnancy test. I am happy to report that today is the last day of my third month of pregnancy. Things are going well and I am thankful each and every day. Two things to keep in mind:

1. Do not ever let someone tell you that you will NEVER get pregnant!

2. Give the OV watch a try! Sometimes you are ovulating at various types in your cycle (not just on Day 14) and you are just missing the magical window.

I cannot thank the OV watch company for changing my life. They helped us conceive in the first month we used their product. Go to their website ( and you will see that we are one of hundreds of success stories. I highly recommend the product. 

I wish you all luck overcoming your fertility challenges!


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