How to Start Your Very Own Mom Blog

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If you have been itching to start a mom blog, there’s no better time than today. These days, it seems every mom, from soccer moms to your neighbor who is a corporate executive, is blogging about her life and the issues that mean the most to her as a mother. You, too, can start blogging in as little as twenty minutes. It’s really that easy.

Mothers begin blogging for a variety of reasons. Some look to journal about their pregnancies or the growth and development of their newborns. Others like to share with families and friends the daily goings-on of their children and families in general. Still others write about their lives as moms and their thoughts about everything from what they cooked for dinner the night before to important public policies affecting the lives of women, children, and families.

It’s safe to say that blogging offers mothers a creative, personal outlet to voice their opinions and commentary on a plethora of ideas and topics. As the ideal online communication tool, blogs help mothers connect with like-minded and even not-so-like-minded people at a time when communication is easier than ever before and in a climate where everyone’s opinion counts and can literally make a lasting difference in the vast blog community.

Want to start blogging today? Here’s how.

1. Choose a blog-hosting company where you would like to house your blog. There are several to choose from, each with its own benefits and advantages. We suggest Blogger, WordPress and Typepad, although there are a host of others from which to choose that are just as good; search Google for “blog hosts” to find others that may interest you. Signing up for your blog is simply a matter of choosing a blog title and setting up an account. This will typically take fifteen to twenty minutes, tops.

2. Do your research. Take a look at other blogs and glean ideas about how to make your mom blog interesting and fun to read. There are several theories about what creates a successful blog. For certain, one of those factors is regular posting, sometimes two and three times per day. That may sound like a lot of blogging, but regular posts, even hundred-word entries, bring in readers. This is important especially when you are just starting out. If you are going to gain a loyal following, your blog must be updated consistently and have intelligent, focused writing and a unique style and feel. Avoid rambling posts about daily minutiae, unless you are a truly gifted writer and can breathe life into chores like washing dishes and carpooling. No one wants to read mundane life events unless they can either relate with you or learn from you. In other words, do not bore your readers. Spice up your writing with opinions about issues in the news, or ask questions of other mom bloggers that have been on your mind. Remember, if you want to attract a loyal following, you must take your blog seriously, because if you don’t, no one else will either. And do not underestimate your readership; bloggers and those who read blogs are quite savvy. As soon as readers can click on your blog to check you out, they can click away to read someone else. Your goal is to keep readers coming back.

3. Place your blog in directories such as Technorati, Blogarama, Blogwise, and The Mom Salon directory. Directories are a great way to get your blog indexed in search engines. They also serve as avenues for finding like-minded blogs and provide the opportunity for bloggers to discover your writing as well.

4. Let other bloggers know you are blogging. You can do this easily by commenting on blogs you enjoy reading. It is also quite effective to link to blogs in your posts; that in turn grabs the attention of and linking reciprocity from fellow bloggers. Social networks for mothers are also quite effective. You can meet mom bloggers through these networks and grab new readers. Above all, do not be afraid to introduce yourself to other bloggers. Email them, especially when something they have written has affected you or made you look at a situation a little differently. Bloggers enjoy hearing feedback, and in the process you will make a new blog friend and regular reader.

Utilizing these simple steps will throw you into the mom blogging community quickly, so be ready. While it will take a while to become one of the A-list mom bloggers, these tools will help you get started, gain readers, and keep them coming back.


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