Long Over Due Empty Nest

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My best friend in the whole wide world has a big problem area, how and when to let go of her grown children.

I am writing this because she probably isn’t the only one going through this dilemma. The oldest is 35 years old and at home. Well, yeah it’s not so simple, he has been married and divorced, pays child support to the tune of $600.00 a month on his first born child, then with a girlfriend he had a second child. I know you’re saying, why doesn’t he get a vasectomy? He did right after second child was conceived.

The problem lies with my best friend, she knows that $1000.00 dollars a month goes out the door to child support, and he has $500.00 left after that for his budget. Where’s he gonna live she says? How do I kick him out? What kind of mother will I be then?

I’ll give you a clue. You won’t be so pent up with anger that your body gets sick as often. You might have some life other than motherhood. She has been divorced for at least 10 years, and not dated. Where is she to watch television, or have a cup of coffee with a man, when son sleeps in living room on the coach? Come on lady, you didn’t get these girls pregnant and you owe no one your life! When’s it going to be your turn? Why do you feel like you need to sacrifice more of your years to a grown child? You did your job, you told them about the birds and the bees, but they got careless maybe not the first time, but definitely the second. God did not say go forth, multiply, and spend the rest of your life taking on someone else’s burden. No god takes on burdens, not you. So go forth, and find your life. Start now, Start today. It’s okay to love yourself above others, and love God most of all.

You’re in my prayers those of you who are wrestling with this dilemma, and remember God helps those who help themselves.


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