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Me Time

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Moms tend to have this silly belief. It goes something like this: “If I do something just for myself, I’m selfish. If I do it often, I’m really selfish and I’ll punish myself by spending an equal amount of time (or more) feeling guilty about it.”

I’m not sure how that belief creeps in but it seems to be an almost universal issue and I just don’t get. Don’t get me wrong, my not getting it does not exempt me from feeling the guilt. I feel guilty and I know it’s ridiculous.

I’ll give an example. One of my top priorities is getting out in nature for walks. When I walk, I work through the clutter in my head, I get a bit of exercise, I take in some Vitamin D if the sun happens to be out (I live in Seattle) and I receive a much-needed boost of endorphins. As a result, I’m happier, more patient, and a lot more fun to be around.

With all those benefits, it’s a given that I walk at least a few times a week, right? HA! I can actually talk myself out of a walk in countless ways. In fact, yesterday morning, I almost didn’t go because it meant not seeing my kids off to school and it meant putting the burden on my husband to drive them there.

Well, so what? The kids can handle it. My husband can handle it. No big deal. In reality, I’m the only one who has a hard time handling it and I’d rather go on a walk than stew about that! Problem solved.


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