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This year, 2011, is a milestone for my three children. My oldest daughter will be twenty-five years old, second daughter will be twenty-one years old and my youngest son will be eighteen years old! My, where did the time go? I remember giving birth to each of my children! It seems so long ago. I couldn’t be a prouder parent though. They have all been very responsible adults, and my two daughters are basically on their own. My son is going to be on his own very soon.

Raising them on my own without their father all these years made me wonder if I did the right thing with them. But I feel proud of myself for raising them as upstanding adults and not have the drama that I see other parents are going through with their own children who are already over eighteen years old! Some of these parents ask me, “ … where did I go wrong?” I don’t know how to answer that. I just know that it is a hard thing when a child cannot seem to get their life together.

So, this year, I want to pay tribute to my three children who make my life easy and full of love and respect! There will be parties, laughter, and dancing till midnight. And oh, don’t forget to clap when Mom sings karaoke. You guys rock! 



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