Being a Mom is a Difficult Job

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Being a mother is the most difficult job in the world (although my ex husband never believed it was actually a job). And for single mothers, the job becomes even more challenging since this superwoman must fill both the mother and father roles. For no pay, mothers work 24/7 for their children, receiving awesome benefits like endless hugs & kisses from them.

Having been divorced for two years now, I am blessed to be a mother to my sons, Jacob, 14, and Seth, 9. They are the joys and inspirations of my life. For them, I work from "son-rise to son-set."

Seriously, I relish every moment spent with them even though at the end of the day, I may be exhausted. Throughout the week while they are at school, I continue being a mom—whether it be outside the house, working as a substitute teacher, or here at home, being a homemaker and writer. I am always busy, busy, busy.

After dropping them off at school, I will always say a brief prayer "Jesus, Watch over my sons, Virgin Mary, Keep them safe", as I see them walk into the buildings. And during this time, if I am not called in to substitute at a school, I will occupy my time with housework (since the laundry never ends), running errands, paying bills, or writing for various web sites.

When I'm not subbing, and I am able to pick them up from school, I treasure those little moments when both my sons will show such enthusiasm about their day or occasionally, be sad or disappointed, for whatever reason. Still, having that opportunity to see them after 8 hours once again, I am filled with a special blessing of being a mom. And I thank GOD for these two blessings daily.

At home, we will begin homework and discuss what went on at school, while enjoying a snack. To me, when it comes to my sons' educational needs, parental involvement is of utmost important. And sitting down with them, spending quality time studying and working on academics is serious business in our house. I love when they come home so happy because they made the honor roll, were awarded special recognition in Math or Science, or simply excited about an upcoming field trip.

After homework is done, we spend more quality time either outside, going for walks with our 2 dogs, spending time at a park, or inside, surfing educational web sites. Naturally, dinner time will be right around the corner, so as I get that going, they will enjoy brother-to-brother time, perhaps playing a game on the computer, the Wii, or the X-box. I love hearing them laugh, enjoying this special bond they share. At bedtime, Jacob will even give Seth a "pony ride" from the living room to their bedroom. These two are inseparable.

Being a mom is not a job for everyone. The most important quality a mother must have is to be selfless, thus putting her childrens' needs first. It also involves being an excellent multi-tasker, handling emergencies competently, cooking, doing laundry, & cleaning constantly, caring for your child when they are ill, and instilling morals and values that are so desperately needed in today's society. My sons participate in weekly religious instruction, as well as extracurricular (school-related) activities as well.

Being a mom also means praising your child and not demeaning them. When out in public, I am so irritated when I see mothers grab their child, not only being physically abusive, but speaking to them in degrading ways. As a mother, we are responsible for instilling character, responsibility, and pride in our children. Praise your child when they do something right. When my boys help me around the house, I will always say "thank you." They, in turn say "you're welcome," and thus, this little lesson of respect becomes habitual for them, especially with the adults they encounter in their daily lives.

Sure, everyone will agree that once you become a mom, your life changes drastically. Of course it will, because your children are now the center of your daily life. I like it the way a college professor put it when I announced I was expecting my first son: "Prepare yourself for an adventure of a lifetime." And the adventure of being a mother is like nothing ever experienced. And I am loving every minute of it!


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