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My Daughter’s First Rock Concert (Sesame Street Live)

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My daughter is determined to wear a T-shirt that is entirely too tight. I try to convince her that a larger white one would look better. She vehemently shakes her head. We are in a power struggle.

No, she is not a teenager primping for a rock concert. She is a two-year-old absolutely determined to wear a retro-style Sesame Street T-shirt featuring the pre-Elmo gang, even through she has graduated from a 2T to a 3T since my husband bought it for her.

She needs to wear it, she explains. She is going to see Big Bird.

She has a point, I realize, so I relent. She wears striped pants, the only ones that still fit this late in the summer. It is a horrific combination, and when my friend Charlotte and her daughter arrive to pick us up, I immediately apologize for Chloe’s style, or lack thereof.

It’s like her concert T-shirt, Charlotte says. She has to wear it.

And so it begins. We arrive at the arena and locate our seats, which Charlotte landed for free through her job. I joke that before we know it, the girls will be here at a real concert, probably sneaking beers or doing something else inappropriate.

After a round of cotton candy, the lights dim for Sesame Street Live. Bert and Ernie are like the warm-up band, eliciting a moderate amount of excitement from the pre-school set. Then, suddenly, the stars—Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo—are on stage. The crowd goes wild.

Chloe is mesmerized.

The ensemble, like any rock band, starts with a hit: “Sunny Day.” The tune takes me back to my youth and I sing along. I am like a dorky baby boomer trying to rock out with her kid at the Rolling Stones.

In addition to other Sesame hits like the classic, “C is for Cookie,” there are cover songs. The characters do a Saturday Night Fever number (Bert wears a white, three-piece suit) and a version of “Rockin’ Robin” (with backup birdies). The ABCs, as you can imagine, bring down the house.

After intermission and a $15 light-up spinning toy, the show concludes. The final number is one of my daughter’s favorites from the Sesame Street CD:


Sing a song

Sing out loud

Sing out strong

Sing of good things, not bad

Sing of happy, not sad …”

Chloe has been glued to her seat until now, but this is too much. She jumps to her feet and sways her diapered hips as the rock stars wind up their second show of the day—and my daughter’s very first concert.

I hope she is always so well behaved.

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